Infini Care LC

Added On: March 30, 2018 @ 2:13 pm

Infini Care ensures your loved ones peace, tranquility, and privacy in the comfort of there own home. Our team consists of a family of Caregivers, Companions, and CNA'S that not only provide skilled and non-skilled quality care, but also engage in a 1 on1 relationship with your loved to ensure there trust, happiness, and security.

Infini Care was founded on the grounds that caring for your loved ones, managing your own life, and working, can be over whelming and sometimes stressful. Caring for a loved one that is impaired can sometimes complicate time, health, and finances.

Infini Care offers personalized care plan packages that are designed to correlate with your loved ones living arrangements and the familys financial budget.

28675 Franklin Rd, Unit 517
Southfield, Michigan
48034 United States
(818) 209-0499

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